The Best & Worst Drinks for Bloating

When it comes to swelling, it’s not just “you are what you eat.” Because it is dear SkinnyMinters, what you drink is just as important!

If you’re addicted to a soda diet or a caffeine addict, you’ll be surprised to find out how your favorite beefy builds up. fascinated by? Keep reading to see all the winners and losers in the battle against swelling!


They call the beer belly for some reason! While this daily habit can lead to a permanent belly, even one bottle of yeast drink can cause flatulence! Alcohol generally causes fluid retention and swelling, and drinking a carb-rich beer is like enjoying a liquid meal. This is combined with snacks at the salty bar, no wonder you have to undo that top button


Lactose is found in dairy products, which is a natural sugar, if it can not be destroyed, can cause bloating, cramping, gas and urgent trips to the bathroom. If you are intolerant or sensitive to lactose, milk, milkshakes and ice cream won’t help.

Diet Soda

Alcoholic Gin and Tonic with a Lime Garnish

You may not have sugar, but soft drinks are the main cause of swelling for two reasons. First, it is invasive. Bubbles in carbonated beverages, including soda and mineral water, cause air to build up in the digestive tract and can cause gas and bloating. Second, the industrial sweeteners used are difficult to degrade.

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