Surprising benefits of teatoxing

Teatoxing helps you start a healthy lifestyle. Get ready to surprise yourself with these amazing features *.

Of course, you know that taking oxidation is an effective and natural way to start a healthy lifestyle. But did you know that teatox SkinnyMint also offers other valuable health benefits?

Morning Boost gives you a kickstart in the morning

Morning Boost tea is not too strong for you, but it provides the right kick to start the day. (Photo published by Instagram user Daniellamonet)
The two main ingredients kept in Morning Boost tea are green tea and dead tea. The good thing about this tea is that it contains ca. 80% of caffeine compared to coffee: it is not very strong for you, but it provides the right kick to start the day. It also gives him less breakdown later, so he doesn’t feel the need to look for another cup of unhealthy coffee.

Note: If you are addicted to coffee in good faith (we don’t blame you), we recommend that you keep only one cup and drink as many Morning Boost tea cups as you want for the rest of the day.

Night Cleanse soothes the tummy

The disinfectant night tea is mixed with ginger root and licorice. (Photo posted by Instagram Pizzapizza_nisa)
Combined with ginger root and licorice root, drinking a “night cleansing” tea can help relieve abdominal tension. Ginger increases heat and circulation, helping to keep the abdomen warm and comfortable, while licorice root is beneficial to the intestines and relaxes the muscles Muscles to rest..

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Morning Boost nourishes the body

Morning Nutrients Encourage tea from green tea leaves. (Instagram Skopljak user posted image)
Morning Boost tea contains 1,230 mg of green tea leaves that have not been oxidized, which means that it still retains an incredible amount of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

In addition, as we mentioned earlier, drinking Morning Boost tea instead of coffee gives you less shock later, so your concentration remains solid and stable throughout the day, without periods of calm.

Night Cleanse can help you get rid of your bloating

Night Cleanse Tea is equipped with a mild laxative effect. (Photo posted by Instagram user Steph_pacca)
You can try a scrambled belly and visit the bath often in the morning after you start drinking the “night cleaning” tea. Don’t worry, that’s normal. Tea “Night Cleansing” contains Senna leaves and psyllium husk, and is equipped with a mild laxative effect. Guarana leaves of fruit and oranges soothe intestinal stress, which helps digestion and fights flatulence. More than 80% of SkinnyMint customers felt less bloated after completing 28 days of Teatox, see results here.

Morning Boost contains appetite suppressing ingredients

Morning Boost adds this flavor to your senses, making your belly and lusts satisfied between meals without accumulating calories. (Photo posted by Instim Desimakeup user)
By pumping delicious flavored ingredients like yerba mate and gorana fruit, Morning Boost tea can be a form of appetite suppression when you drink all day long. The morning boost adds this flavor to your senses, without accumulating calories.

Night Cleanse keeps you relaxed

An antiseptic night tea is an infusion without caffeine that makes you feel comfortable and ready for the night. (Photo published by Instagram user Melwitharosee)
Night Cleansing Tea is a caffeine-free infusion made from comfortable ingredients like orange and lemon leaves to keep you comfortable and ready for the night. Orange Leaves is considered a natural relief, while it is interesting to know that Lemongrass is an excellent neutral to the taste of the mouth, which helps to get rid of the unpleasant and strong flavor of food flavors.

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Do you have a play kick? Get started in SkinnyMint 28 Day Ultimate Teatox now!

* Each type of body varies, so the results tested may vary between people and therefore cannot be guaranteed.


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