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Every day, hundreds of millions of people drive their cars long and short distances. But how many of these drivers have stopped thinking about how dangerous it is to drive?

The fact is that very few people think driving while tired is a big risk. However, statistics indicate that it is very dangerous, in fact, as dangerous as drunk driving. (Accidents caused by sleepy drivers cause 30,000 deaths each year).

While driving in a state of dreams, the driver is extremely vulnerable to something called miniature sleep.

Small sleep can last up to 30 seconds, and when this happens, the driver is unconscious and does not respond to any environmental sensor, including sound or light. Miniature sleep is often a result of lack of sleep, but it can also occur while driving routinely for a long time.

Is there any way to prevent partial sleep?

Meet the Device That Could Save Your Life

Steer is a unique bracelet that will help you avoid sleeping on the wheel.

How can you do this? Well, Steer detects the level of drowsiness by analyzing heart rate and skin conductivity, then warns you when you get closer to sleep.

Steer’s true charm is that it prevents you from experiencing a small dream at the first signs of fatigue. This makes you safer on the road. At the slightest sign of drowsiness, Steer warns you of slight vibration and electric shock. These warnings will be enough to prevent you from falling asleep and will help you avoid losing control of your car.

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However, Steer is not just a warning device, it can wake you up if you suddenly fall asleep.

Who is the device you aim to? It is designed for all drivers and for those who suffer from lack of sleep from time to time.


Steer provides guaranteed sleep protection.

This is just enough to give you and your loved ones peace of mind. But take a few minutes to explore Steer’s full features and how the device works to keep it always informed.

The first thing you should know about Steer is that it is very easy to use. (Surely you won’t need a PhD to use the device!

However, despite its ease of use, it is worth understanding how Steer works. This can be explained in five steps:

  1. Sixteen highly sensitive sensors that measure heart rate and skin conductivity.
  2. When it is first run, Steer spends a minute analyzing the normal heart rate and skin conductivity. He then refers to these indicators to determine whether he sleeps or not.
  3. Steer evaluates your condition every two seconds, and when it detects your heart rate decreases by 10 units, this will warn you with strong vibration and yellow light.
  4. If your heart rate drops by three more units, your skin’s behavior will also decrease. That means you’re approaching the dream. At this point, Steer will wake you up with a nice electric shock.
  5. As a result of yellow light, gentle vibration and electrical discharge, the levels of serotonin, norepinephrine and cortisol in your body will increase, and the level of sleep hormone melatonin will decrease. These changes will help you feel lively and sleepy, as well as restore your heart rate to normal.
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So whether you’re traveling on long trips to a different city or state, or just taking short trips to work in the morning, Steer is the perfect companion to keep you awake at all times during your trip.

What Users Have to Say

Direct users love the fact that the device is guaranteed to keep them awake while driving. When using the device, drivers feel safe knowing that if they feel sleepy, Steer will prevent them from sleeping.

One user said:

Safer Driving Is Within Reach

If you are honest with yourself, you will know that there have been several times when you are tired. You may have tried to cope with fatigue by doing things like:

  • Drinking coffee
  • Drink energy drinks
  • Listen to loud music
  • smoking

Unfortunately, none of these methods are guaranteed to keep you awake and of course, caffeine, sugar and nicotine consumption can be harmful to your body.

Compared to the previous methods, which are commonly used to prevent drowsiness, Steer is safer, more effective and more reliable. In fact, Steer will wake you better than 2-3 cups of coffee or energy drink cans. Steer also has no adverse effects on his health.

Each Steer bracelet comes with a charging cable, instruction manual and label. If you’re interested in purchasing a Steer bracelet, you can register your interest on their Kickstarter campaign page. Prices start from € 89.

Steer is a truly revolutionary product. One can reduce traffic accidents and save lives. Cars may one day have built-in sleepy detectors, but for now, Steer is the best way to stay awake on the steering wheel.

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