Misplaced Your Items? Get This Search Party

We all experienced this moment of panic, only when we leave the house, when we realize that we can’t find the car keys, wallet, phone or house keys. Your mind starts to accelerate when you last passed it, and it’s crazy to try to locate the article.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to eliminate that feeling of losing your things?

The Answer to Never Losing Your Items Again

Mosaic is a smart and convenient way to locate missing items using the application on your phone. Place the mosaic on any item that is important to you or on the things you are most likely to lose and your phone will use Bluetooth up to 100 feet from the missing item to locate it.

Lost your phone? All you have to do is press a tile twice to make it look good, even if you leave it in silence.

The ‘Last Place Seen’ Feature to Help Locate Your Left Item

The phone app will always track the location of each tile within the 100 feet Bluetooth radio and record it on the map. This helps you track your steps and makes it possible for you to find the article again, reducing anxiety and increasing peace of mind in your search to retrieve it again.

Includes a ‘Search Party’ Community Feature to Increase Your Chances of Finding Your Lost Item

Anyone who buys a tile and installs the application immediately becomes part of the research community. When someone passes your lost item with the app on your phone, it will instantly send a message to your phone with the location of the item. This is especially useful if you have not necessarily realized that your article is even missing and allows you to meet it more quickly.

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What Do Tile Users Think of the Product?

Read any Tile user review and you’ll find a happy ending story in it. From finding his wallet to locating a stolen motorcycle, Tile was able to help thousands of people collect lost objects.

Here is the story of Paul who lost his wallet when he was about to board a plane back from a business trip:

“I travel a lot to work. Today it was no different. I traveled to San Francisco for a business meeting and came home. Upon arrival at OFS, I left Lyft, grabbed my laptop bag and bag and went to the security checkpoint. Without my knowledge, my wallet fell somewhere. Along the way.

I moved to safety and didn’t realize what happened until then. I immediately took out the Tile application. Nothing was recorded (it was a long way to safety), so I followed my steps back. While doing this with the opening of my Tile app, I passed the airline ticket counters. Suddenly, the application of mosaics showed that it was within range.

Waiting for hope, she approached the counter after the counter, and asked whether the wallet had been delivered. Everyone responded with a “no” resounding feeling of defeat a little, I pressed the button to activate the bell. Airports are noisy places, so I didn’t hear it, but one of the people behind the ticket table did it. In fact, my station was far from my wallet, placed in a nice box behind the counter.

Not only did the app and Bluetooth help me to know it was close, but it was the doorbell that helped us find it. Best of all, my wallet was $ 400 in cash. Everything was in my wallet, sound, including criticism.

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Why You Should Purchase a Tile and Where Can You Find It?

This product:

  • Place the mosaics attached to what you are trying to find
  • Your phone rings even if it is silent
  • Locate the last place you saw the missing item
  • Allow other Tile users to automatically help locate your article and test your phone’s location connectionIt comes in a sleek and discreet design that can be easily connected to any item
    But don’t limit it to wallets and keys. If you have a pet prone to roaming, why not put one on your hands or rush it into your child’s pocket for more peace of mind?

For anything you use, we guarantee you’ll never have to worry about losing your stuff again!


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