How to Stop Unwanted Calls By Blocking Them on Your Phone

Let’s face the facts; there are many reasons why you want to block the number on your phone. Unfortunately, all of these things are almost unpleasant, whether they refer to persistent former or fraudulent partners or phone vendors who refuse to take their silence as evidence that they are annoying.

Although having to block a number is never good (especially if it belongs to someone you know), it is relatively easy to achieve no matter which mobile service you use. So here are details on how to block numbers on multiple device types and operators.

How to Block a Number on iOS, Android and Windows

Before you search for blocking numbers on your smartphone, you can try a general blocking by adding your number to the National Do Not Call Registry [1]. It is implemented by FTC, and this log is updated every 24 hours, while it can cause annoying calls to stop within a month.

However, this does not help when seeking to block private numbers, such as those of friends, partners or former colleagues. This is where the guide below will be useful, as it will help you block all unwanted incoming calls on your phone.


There are several ways to block numbers on Apple iOS, whether you’re responding directly through a call or browsing your contact list. You should also keep in mind that by blocking someone from sending text messages, making a voice call, or choosing FaceTime, the person in question will be automatically ejected from the three communication channels.

When you reply to all recently, visit the Phone app and choose Recent. Then select the number and go to the circle next to it. A screen with call-related information will appear (see below), and you must scroll down before selecting “Block this caller.”

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When blocking an existing contact, you must navigate through Settings> Phone> Call barring and identification> Block contact. This will open your contact list, allowing you to block one or several numbers as you wish. You can also reach this goal by clicking Settings> Messages> Blocked> Add new.


When it comes to Android, the action you take depends on the age of your operating system (this is not the case with iPhone). Therefore, you should determine the exact frequency of the Android system you are using before blocking the numbers, as this will ensure the correct decision is made.

To get a breeze or higher (Nougat is the latest version), open the Dialer and go to the Recent Calls list. Then look for the offending number and select “Block / Report Spam”. You should not be able to block a number without reporting it as spam (for example, when it is someone instead of a telemarketing company), but you must uncheck it before confirming the block.

When using Lollipop or lower, go to the Phone app and select Call settings> Call reject> Auto reject list. Then you must type the number manually and find it (type if it is unknown to you) and confirm.

When using Messenger (on all Android), you should touch the number that sent the original message immediately, before selecting Block / Report Slam again. The same principle applies here as before, so don’t forget to uncheck the box if you don’t want to report spam.

Finally, if you want to block a number belonging to an existing contact, go directly to Messenger and select Menu> Blocked contacts> Add number. Then enter the number you want to block and confirm, be sure to select the correct number, of course!

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Windows Phone

Windows phones are becoming increasingly popular in modern times, as they offer with the Samsung Galaxy S range a viable competition on Apple and Android. They also use a different operating system, so it’s important to recognize this when blocking numbers.

With Windows phones, you can block calls and messages from one number at once. Just go to Settings and navigate through Call> SMS Filter, before accepting the terms of use, privacy policy and activating call barring.

Then visit the Phone app, press and hold the number you want to block and select the block number to confirm. This will avoid all forms of dialing the chosen number, helping you avoid any spam.

A Look at the Best Apps for Blocking Numbers

Of course, we also live at a time when apps can be used to block numbers. The advantage of using these apps is that they tend to work across all iterations for certain operating systems, which means that users can recognize them over time, while providing a comprehensive and complete blocking service. Here are some of the best apps:

Hiya app (iOS): Available for iOS 10 users, Hiya is the most advanced spam protection engine for mobile phones. This not only detects and blocks automatic calls and phone vendors, but also highlights potential fraudsters searching for your personal data. It also provides a custom block list, which helps you to manage your contacts more smoothly.

Synchronization ME (for iOS): Apple has obviously made a concerted effort to improve call blocking features in iOS 10 and the free Sync app. I am a prominent example of this. It includes many features to block unwanted calls, including identifying unknown numbers (which can prevent you from blocking numbers that can ultimately add value), alerting you to spam contacts and adding caller images to social contacts on Twitter and Facebook and Google +.

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Safer Call Blocker (for Android): This call blocker is compatible with Android and comes with a premium (paid) version that eliminates ads. It’s quick to access and easy to use, while also helping you set up automatic settings to block calls and manage contacts in real time.

Mr. Number (for Android): This is a tentatively free app that provides 20 free call calls instantly, at which point each subsequent search is paid. However, it has a tool that automatically blocks spam, without having to blacklist specific numbers. This can save time and help you block numbers more easily.

Call blacklist (for Android): Then we have Android call blacklist, which will block voice calls and text messages from an attack number at once. However, this is always the case when using the default SMS app on Android 4.4 or higher, otherwise you must block connections separately. Regardless, call barring is fast and efficient, while also allowing you to identify suspicious prime numbers and intuitively block all related numbers in the future.

Then there you have it. A collection of the best ways to block numbers regardless of whether you are using an iOS, Android and Windows device. The modern suite of applications makes this process easier than ever, so look for the best online tools.


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