How To: Create a face scrub with Morning Boost tea

Why do you get rid of the Morning Boost tea bag when it can be used to make a delicious facial scrub? Show you how.

Do not throw away the Morning Boost tea bag you have used yet. Instead of getting rid of them, get extra spaces when used on your skin. This small collection of moist tea leaves is full of antioxidants and vitamins that not only nourish you inside, but also give you an external glow. Who knew that Morning Boost tea could be a multi-task?

Green tea has anti-aging properties, while Yerba Mate is activated and Guarana revitalizes pale and swollen skin.
Green tea, yerba mate and guarana are essential ingredients of Morning Boost, and provide the main benefits of DIY facial scrub.

Green tea with anti-aging properties detoxifies the skin for a skin free of imperfections. Yerba mate and guarana, on the other hand, provide caffeine to stimulate dull and swollen skin.

To learn more about the ingredients, read what you should know about Morning Boost tea.

Let’s shine!

You’ll need:

1 used a morning tea bag

1 tablespoon organic raw / cold pressed coconut oil (or simply use a non-comedogenic face moisturizer)

1 tablespoon almond flour / flour (alternatively, you can make your flour by grinding almonds in the coffee grinder)


1. Open the Morning Boost tea bag and pour the contents into a bowl. Add the remaining ingredients.

2. Slide vigorously to incorporate all components. The mixture will resemble a thick oatmeal and should be easy to remove with your fingers.

3. The scrub is ready to use. Apply to the face and massage in gentle circular motions.

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4. Rinse with cold water.

5. Admire your beautiful face in the mirror!

Once you’ve mastered this, turn your Morning Boost body scrub into our DIY.


Usama Saif

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