7 Awesome Things Google Does for You and Want You to Have a Try

Google continues to introduce new innovations and some very useful products and services that many of us cannot do without daily use. They created such a fingerprint across the web so that Google controls almost every click we make online. Here’s a look at 15 amazing Google products and services that we want to try.

1. Google Maps

Google Map should be one of the best things that happened to us. It has been around for some time, but it is becoming more prevalent in our lives now that we have in our phones, devices and even cars. Uber and Courier services should thank google for ease of service and delivery. Before, you had to write addresses on paper and continue, but now all you have to do is activate Google Map on your phone or car and navigate. Uber and Courier services can find locations and deliver goods effectively with the help of this amazing product.

2. Google News

Launched in 2002, this is a news source for many people every day. Publishers don’t control Google News, but the aggregation algorithm is a delight for bloggers who successfully publish their blogs, as they help drive more traffic and audience. If you’re going to keep up with news on a wide range of different topics and websites, you should start using Google News. Also, if you’re a blogger, you must complete the app to see if you can get approval to get your blog on Google News.

3. Google Play Store

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The Google Play Store is a great platform for everyone and benefits a lot of people. Everyone has something to take advantage of the Play Store: If you are a business owner, blogger or developer, this is a great platform to create and promote your app, making it easier for consumers, the public and customers to access your products and services faster. The same is true for users who enjoy a variety of apps available in the Play Store. You should try it.

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4. Google Chat

Google Chat was an instant messaging or chat option for many people before WhatsApp burst. Modern features like video calls, coupled with the fact that they are compatible with most Google products, make them attractive. You should try it

5. Google Alerts

Many people, especially business owners, bloggers, celebrities, advertisers and others, find this app very useful. They rely on them to keep them alert to news and references to their brands or themselves or their customers

6. Blogger

Blogger is one of the largest blogging platforms in the world; with WordPress as a worthy competitor only. I consider the blog system to be very simple and less complicated than other platforms, as well as the millions of bloggers around the world who use the platform. You can host your free blog (s) or feed your personal domains, you should try.

7. Picasa

Google had high hopes of sharing this site for photos, but platforms like Instagram put an end to its dreams of Picasa. I always thought the name was smart, Picasso, Picasa, Tire … Hmmm. However, you can still sign in to your account and post photos.


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