6 Healthy Late Night Snacks for When Midnight Cravings Hit

Look at the watch that shows you the numbers 12:15 in light red. You can feel your stomach roar. You can reach your phone to try to distract you, but you don’t seem to ignore the urgent need for something to eat! Finally, frustrating, you hold your shoes and trample it in the refrigerator. Try to remember your diet, but it is too late. If you don’t take anything, you’ll be awake all night …

Does this seem familiar? If so, be prepared! Cravings at night do not mean trap every diet you’ve tried. Instead, with a little knowledge and planning, you can avoid those dreadful snacks in the middle of the night!

You ready? Here are the top 17 night snacks when lust arrives.

1. Lemon juice or blood sugar soda

When cravings arrive, there is a good chance that our blood sugar level is simply unbalanced. [1] When you want to eat at midnight, start with balanced lemon juice. You may not even need anything else!

Strength is in a combination of lemon (detoxifier), cinnamon (destructive craving) and chromium (a mineral necessary for us to balance our blood sugar). Of course, the water itself will help fill it and destroy cravings. Then, before accessing the cookies, fill in a little of this lemon juice and see if the problem is resolved on its own.

2. Edamame

If you’re looking for something to fill your taste buds, edamame may be the way to go! This delicious snack is extremely clean and rich in protein.

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Late at night, your body’s metabolism slows down to prepare for sleep. Therefore, of course, if you are eating high-calorie snacks, there is a good chance that you will become more fat than if you ate that same meal on an active morning.

A combination of low calories and high protein can help you stay full and saturated while speeding up your metabolism enough to help burn those calories.

3. Pistachio with shell

Although too many calories can help you get a lot of pistachios back to sleep.

Although all foods contain some melatonin, a nutrient necessary for deep sleep, pistachios are one of the richest nutrients. Only a small handful of these powerful snacks will penetrate melatonin as much as supplemented!

4. Turkey

Do you remember how all Thanksgiving, your father crashed on the couch in Turkey’s deep zombie? Nap after Thanksgiving is legitimate! I’ll tell you why.

Turkey contains large amounts of tryptophan that help people feel tired. If you really want to rest well and have a delicious night snack, try wrapping turkey with lettuce, sprinkling a little clothes and enjoying delicious wraps.

5. Cherry pie

Sour cherries can actually help you increase your melatonin production, making it ideal for a comfortable night out. Cherries also require conscious nutrition due to stems and holes, making them an ideal choice for people who want to avoid binge eating.

If you really want something sweet but need help to keep it moderate, try freezing the cherries. Not only will excessive cold take more time to eat, but it may actually help you curb some cravings in the process.

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6. Berries

Berries are a very healthy snack for any time of day, but they are at night, particularly ideal. Large amounts of carbohydrates can cause difficulty sleeping.

However, the berries have a very low glycemic index (which means they have no significant effect on blood sugar), making them perfectly ideal for restraining sweet teeth and there is still a comfortable night.

In addition, it is rich in antioxidants that you also do in your body!


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